Attrition Cells

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Attrition Cells

DIEMME SOIL WASHING Attrition Cells are simple, robust and extremely effective, thanks to the special configuration of the mixing blades which cause the individual particles to collide with each other with an accentuated effect of rubbing, self-grinding and disintegration.

The double propellers of each mixer, made of wear-resistant material, move the particles and allow it to friction and flow between the adjacent chambers, ensuring maximum residence time for each particle, avoiding preferential flows.
The frame, made of very thick carbon steel, coated with wear-resistant material chemically inert, is suitable for use in any environment, even extremely difficult, and for contact with highly abrasive and chemically aggressive matrices.
The gearmotors are controlled by inverter to ensure maximum flexibility during the start-up of the cells, even at full load, emptying and washing.

Attrition Cells

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    The DIEMME SOIL WASHING Attrition Cells are designed to be easily cleaned and maintained.

    The main areas of application are:

    • Removal of surface polluting residues such as hydrocarbon films or heavy metal oxides from contaminated sands coming from, for example, sites to be reclaimed or in the Soil Washing Process
    • Removal of clays or other solid fouling in the preparation of minerals in refining processes
    • Removal of iron oxides and other metals from siliceous sands
    • Delamination of graphite, clay or other materials with bidimensional laminar structure

    The material treated in the Attrition Cells must then be sent to a separation / classification phase to eliminate the fine fraction which has been detached from the coarse matrix.