Remediation of soil and sediment contaminated by Hydrocarbon

Remediation of soil and sediment contaminated by Hydrocarbon

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    Contamination with hydrocarbons distinguishes the largest percentage of contaminated sites in many countries. The extreme differentiation of substances identified with the generic term of hydrocarbons, sometimes generates uncertainty on the actual ability of the Soil Washing Technological Process to treat and reclaim what is specifically present in a given site.

    The process developed by DIEMME SOIL WASHING allows to operate economically with a wide range of components also with a high carbon equivalent number.
    The possible integration of the Soil Washing Technology Process with post-treatments allows to reduce and in many cases to completely eliminate the disposal in landfills, thus obtaining a total recovery of each fraction present in the contaminated matrix.

    The study of site specific analytical and documentary data allows to evaluate the possible applicability of the process as well as any functional variables. In the subsequent laboratory tests, that can be carried out at DIEMME SOIL WASHING, conducted on a small sample of material, the main dimensional parameters and the operating results obtainable are verified. Allowing eventually to carry out experimental tests with an industrial pilot plant, available on the Company site.

    The flowchart illustrates the specific phases that make up a typical DIEMME SOIL WASHING plant for the remediation treatment of matrices contaminated by hydrocarbons.