Sectors and Technologies

Sectors and Technologies

The sectors and technological areas in which innovative solid-liquid separation techniques and remediation treatment can be applied are countless and extremely differentiated.
Only a few of the main applications are briefly mentioned below.

For issues not present in the cases listed here, please contact Us and we will study with You the optimal solution.

Mining sector filtration

Filtration for Hydrometallurgy non ferrous metals and Noble metals

Filtration for food industry sector

Filtration, solid – liquid separation, for industrial production processes

Sludge dewatering for industrial wastewater purification plants

Soil Washing and Sediment Washing Technologies

Remediation of soil and sediment contaminated by Hydrocarbons

Remediation of soil and sediment contaminated by Heavy Metals

Treatment and Recovery of Road Sweeping, Gully Waste, Sand from Sewage Treatment Plants

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