Chemical and Technological Laboratory

Chemical and Technological Laboratory

DIEMME SOIL WASHING carries out an experimentation activity with its own modern equipped laboratory to carry out specialized tests on the different input matrices both for solid-liquid filtration and separation and for contaminated sediments and contaminated soils. The tests performed starting from small quantities of the matrix allow to simulate the different phases of the analyzed process.
The laboratory is located inside the factory on an area of ​​220 square meters and is divided into two sectors, one for mainly chemical analysis and an experimental area for filtration and separation. The following analysis can be conducted in the laboratory:

SOLID ANALYSIS: determination of residual humidity, volatile solids, specific gravity, density, particle size curve (by means of a Laser Granulometer or sieving), pH, chlorides.

ANALYSIS ON LIQUIDS OR SUSPENSIONS: suspended solids, dissolved solids, total solids, volumetric solids, dry residue at 180 ° C, PSD (particle size distribution), pH, conductivity, chlorides, heavy metals, sulfates, nitrates, nitrites, sulphites, sedimentation curve, CST18 (capillary suction time).


  • Pre-treatment and particle size separation
  • Attrition Test with Attrition Cells
  • Separation and classification test with Water – Air Upstream Sorter
  • Identification of the remediation treatment parameters
  • Water treatment and recycling
  • Mechanical dewatering of the sludge, with laboratory filter press
  • Final panel treatment. Solidification / stabilization test and land farming test.


  • Filtration test on laboratory filter press (with concamerated plates and membrane plates)
  • Microfiltration test
  • Centrifugation test
  • Jar test (conditioning and flocculation test)

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