Design, Development and Construction

Design, Development and Construction

DIEMME SOIL WASHING internally carries out all the mechanical, structural, electrical and electronic design phases to guarantee its customers maximum flexibility in the management of their plant, or production process and the possibility of integrating new elements into existing ones.

The young and dynamic technical staff is made up of highly specialized personnel with consolidated experience in the sector

All projects are customized both mechanically and electrically on specific customer requests.

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    Machines and plants are made in the DIEMME SOIL WASHING production plants by using skilled workers in the processing of different materials and in the assembly of complex structures.

    The components used in the construction of DIEMME SOIL WASHING machines, systems and filters are all of primary national, European or western brands.

    All installations and start-ups of DIEMME SOIL WASHING machines, filters and plants are carried out or supervised by qualified technical personnel.

    During these phases, practical and theoretical training takes place alongside the customer’s staff to ensure maximum learning of those who will later manage the system and conduct simple ordinary maintenance operations.

    The mechanical, electrical and electronic company technical staff guarantees continuous availability during all the design, installation and start-up phases, both on site and from the headquarters.


    DIEMME SOIL WASHING Machines and Plants are “Made in Italy” guaranteed products because they are designed and manufactured in our factories with high quality and reliable components suitable for use in harsh and difficult environments.

    DIEMME SOIL WASHING does not compromise on quality and durability of its machines and systems, as demonstrated by the continuous presence on the national and international market.