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DIEMME SOIL WASHING S.r.l. is a reality established in 2011 by the reorganization of DIEMME S.p.A. the historic company of Futura Group, family company of the Melandri family.


View the range of products and plants DIEMME SOIL WASHING S.r.l. an entirely Italian company, with a strong heritage and an operational experience of almost 100 years, in the fields of solid-liquid separation technology and filter presses on the national and international market. Innovative in the construction of plants for remediation and recovery of contaminated sediments and soil, and waste treatment plants.

Research and Development

DIEMME SOIL WASHING S.r.l. carries out experimentation activity with its own Chemical Technological Laboratory. Designs and manufactures Industrial Pilot Plants to carry out, applied research and experimental activities on industrial scale, directly in the field.