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After-Sales Service / Spare Parts

DIEMME SOIL WASHING offers a wide range of After Sales Service, through its own qualified technical staff with skills in the mechanical, electrical and electronic sectors.

  1. Teleservice
    All DIEMME SOIL WASHING machines, filter presses and plants are equipped with a remote communication module that allows the company’s technicians, subject to customer authorization, a direct connection to the PLC or to the operator panel HMI to monitor the operating status of the system. The teleservice allows to check for any anomalies, change the operating parameters and help the customer’s staff to identify the source of the problem promptly.
  2. Direct telephone assistance
  3. Scheduled maintenance with periodic inspections
    DIEMME SOIL WASHING offers spare parts packages for periodic maintenance with the support of a qualified technician who supports the customer’s staff in the work.
  4. Full Service scheduled maintenance
    In the event of scheduled plant shutdowns, DIEMME SOIL WASHING offers spare parts packages for preventive maintenance including the labour service of qualified technicians who intervene directly at the customer’s site.
  5. Supply of spare parts
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