Research & Development

Research & Development

All DIEMME SOIL WASHING activities begin with experimentation and subsequently with test on pilot plats installations which, like each activity, are carefully performed with the maximum that technology allows us to use.

Solid/liquid separation is frequently one of the most complex phases in modern manufacturing processes. The ability to test products on a laboratory scale and on an industrial pilot plant, allows to verify, optimize and guarantee the results required by Customers. A qualified Company R&D team supports and develops in collaboration with Customers the best plant solutions through the application of innovative technologies in panel squeezing, panel washing, panel drying, automatic detachment of the panel from the filter clothes, total automation of the individual equipment, control and command automation of the technological line of filtration through SCADA systems.

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    Research & Development: Filtration Questionnaire

    Test questionnaire for FILTRATION – Solid / Liquid Separation

    questionaire soil washing

    Test questionnaire for SOIL and SEDIMENT WASHING