Sand and gravel washers

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Sand and gravel washers

The sand and gravel washers made by DIEMME SOIL WASHING are simple and robust equipment, extremely effective in separating the light fractions that can be present together with aggregates.

A screw device moves the inert material and allows it to advance to the discharge point, a series of nozzles creates a backwash flow with water, avoiding the formation of preferential flows, facilitating the flotation of the light material to be removed.

The frame made of thick stainless steel, chemically inert, is suitable for use in any environment, even extremely difficult, in contact with highly abrasive and chemically aggressive matrices. The parts coated with anti-wear material ensure functional and long-lasting use. The possibility of using compressed air facilitates the movement and flotation of light fractions.

Sand and gravel washers

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    DIEMME SOIL WASHING sand and gravel washers are designed to be easily cleaned and maintained.

    The main areas of application are:

    • Removal of organic polluting residues from sands in the Soil Washing Process
    • Removal of leaves, straw, polystyrene residues from the sands
    • Removal of wood, light plastics, floating solids in the classification of gravel