Soil Washing and Sediment Washing Mobile Plants

Soil Washing and Sediment Washing Mobile Plants

The need to treat more and more potentially contaminated soils and sediments, in remote areas or distant from fixed plants, has created the need for completely mobile, extremely flexible systems, with reduced mobilization and de-mobilization times. DIEMME SOIL WASHING has responded to this market need by designing and building a new series of multifunctional systems that are quick to install and with treatment capacities equivalent to fixed systems.

DIEMME SOIL WASHING mobile treatment plants are complete with a solid matrix washing line, a water treatment and recirculation line and a mechanical dewatering line.

The mobile soil and sediment treatment plant is a complete and transportable system that is easily and quickly positioned on site, it can operates for even a short period of time, once finish it is disassembled and transported to another site. These systems are designed, developed and built to obtain high working flexibility and modularity in the composition of the different process phases, thus making the whole remediation process a solution suitable for the needs of the client and not vice versa. The use of modular block construction solutions, such as containerized modules, allows an easy and fast management of logistics connected to mobilization. Transport, assembly and disassembly at the end of the work become quick and easily repeatable operations. The reduced downtime and the high modularity of treatment make these systems also suitable for the remediation of medium – small areas.

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