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Filterpresses APS

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    realizzazioni diemme soil washing aps 1000 B

    APS 1000

    • Sector: food chemical industry

    • Application: filtration of food additive

    • Version: steel AISI 304

    • In compliance with requirements: industry 4.0

    • Plates: membrane and combination plates

    • Optional: sludge feeding pump, compressed air system for core blow, stairs, walkways and raised structure, piping in AISI 304 steel, storage tanks and filtration adjuvant dosing station

    APS 1000 Filtropressa Mobile B

    APS 1200 mobile

    • Sector: Wastewater and waste management

    • Application: sewage sludge filtration of waste treatment plant

    • Version: painted carbon steel

    • In compliance with requirements: industry 4.0

    • Plates: recessed plates

    • Optional: mobile configuration, sludge feeding pump, extraction and unloading screws in AISI 316 steel