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Mobile Industrial Pilot Plants

Mobile Industrial Filtering Pilot Plant

DIEMME SOIL WASHING has designed and built an industrial pilot plant with plate filter press to carry out applied research and experimentation activities on industrial quantities, directly in the field.
The mobile filtration unit for industrial tests is mounted on a skid and consists of a filter press equipped with plates with dimensions 500×500 mm. Fixed chamber plates, available on different thickness. Membrane plates in combination with fixed chamber plates.

  • filtering surface variable from 0.3 to 4.0 m2
  • chamber volume variable from 4 to 45 liters
  • operating pressure up to 16 bar

Availability of a wide range of filtering cloths with different permeability depending on the product to be filtered. Main use of polypropylene filtering cloths but also availability of polyester, nylon and Teflon filtering cloths.
The mobile filtration system is also equipped with feed pumps, service air compressor, storage tank for the suspension to be filtered, control instruments for flow rate, pressure and turbidity with PC parameter recording.
The plant is made in a completely acid proof configuration with all the parts in contact, coated in polypropylene and is suitable for the treatment of abrasive and chemically aggressive products.

Mobile Industrial Pilot Plant for Soil Washing

The mobile unit for the treatment of contaminated soil, contaminated sediment and contaminated matrices, designed to treat marine-river matrices and soils is made with modular units and is equipped with the most advanced equipment for the remediation of contaminated matrices. The main functional characteristics are:

  • Operational flexibility, to treat different types of matrices
  • Modularity of the process, to reclaim a wide range of contaminants present in the matrices even with highly variable concentrations
  • Representativeness, to acquire maximum knowledge of the operating results obtainable and the behavior of each single matrix subjected to the Soil Washing Process

The mobile industrial soil washing pilot plant is available at DIEMME SOIL WASHING factory.

Mobile Industrial Pilot Plant for Stabilization - Solidification

The mobile unit allows to test the different formulations suitable for achieving the stabilization / solidification of the contaminated matrices. Contaminated soils, contaminated sediments and contaminated matrices of various nature and origin can be sent for treatment. Designed to operate in batches, it allows to verify and validate the operational results obtainable on an industrial scale with representativeness.

The mobile industrial stabilization / solidification pilot plant is available at DIEMME SOIL WASHING factory.