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Sludge dewatering for industrial wastewater purification plants

The mechanical dewatering of industrial sewage sludge is the process that allows to maximize the content of dry solids in the dewatered cake and consequently reduce the cost of disposal and possibly allow recycling and reuse.

  • galvanic sector: chrome plating, zinc plating, nickel plating, cadmium plating, pickling
  • tanning sector: chrome tanning, tannin tanning, liming
  • steelworks sector: pickling, fume treatment
  • ceramic sector: recovery of kaolin, clay, feldspars, pigments
  • chemical-pharmaceutical sector: process and production; waste treatment
  • petrochemical sector: oily residues, polymer processing waste, waste treatment
  • filtration of drilling muds
  • filtration of biological sludge from aerobic processes
  • filtration of biological sludge from anaerobic digestion processes